Good Manager: a comedy of corporate corruption

Good Manager

Good Manager is a great example of a k-drama “all rounder.” It an engaging plot, interesting characters, talented actors, lots of comedy, simmering romance, and a commentary on modern life that will leave you thinking long after the final episode.

Good Manager tells the story of Kim Sung-ryong, a former accountant who finds himself working as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of TQ Group, a large corporation known for its corrupt practices. And we have to say, the scene where Kim Sung-ryong finds out he’s got the job in Episode 1 is genuinely and truly laugh-out-loud funny and possibly the best comedy-action sequence of all time.

Initially, Sung-ryong takes the job with the intention of stealing money from the company and getting revenge on his former boss who betrayed him. However, he soon discovers that TQ Group’s corruption goes deeper than he thought, and he decides to use his position to bring down the company from the inside.

The drama features an ensemble cast of talented actors. Namkoong Min delivers a standout performance as Kim Sung-ryong, showcasing his range as an actor with his portrayal of a character who is both comedic and dramatic. Nam Sang-mi, who plays the female lead, is a refreshing departure from the usual damsel-in-distress trope and holds her own as a strong, independent character. Other notable performances come from Junho, who plays Seo Yool, TQ Group’s CEO, and Jung Hye-sung, who plays Hong Ga-eun, Sung-ryong’s loyal assistant.

Good Manager is directed by Lee Jae-hoon and written by Park Jae-beom. The duo previously worked together on the hit drama The Fiery Priest, and their collaboration shines through in Good Manager. The drama is well-paced, keeping the audience engaged throughout its 20-episode run. It balances humor and drama perfectly, and the tension builds steadily as the plot progresses.

One of the main themes of Good Manager is corporate corruption, a sadly relevant issue not just in Korea, but worldwide. The drama sheds light on the harsh reality of the Korean corporate world, where unethical practices are often the norm. Through its plot, “Good Manager” also explores the consequences of corruption and the importance of taking a stand against it. The drama is a reminder that there are still people fighting for justice and the greater good, even in a world dominated by greed and power.

But Good Manager isn’t just about corporate corruption. It also tackles other themes such as family, loyalty, and friendship. Sung-ryong’s backstory is a tragic one, and his journey towards redemption and finding a sense of belonging is heartwarming. The drama also explores the bond between Sung-ryong and his assistant, Ga-eun, which evolves from a boss-employee relationship to a deep friendship. The drama’s exploration of the complexities of relationships is refreshing, and it’s one of the reasons why Good Manager stands out from other dramas.

Aside from its engaging plot and themes, Good Manager is also notable for its production value. The drama’s cinematography and soundtrack are top-notch, adding to the overall viewing experience. The drama is set in Seoul, and viewers get to see the city in all its glory, from the bustling streets to the serene parks.

Good Manager is a must-watch for anyone who loves K-dramas or is looking for something new and exciting to watch. Its engaging plot, talented cast, and relevant themes make it a standout drama, and it’s no wonder why it was a hit in Korea and beyond. The drama’s exploration of corporate corruption, family, loyalty, and friendship is a reminder that there’s more to life than power and money, and the constant laughs that come along the way make this one of the more watchable K-dramas on Netflix.