Organience BR Soft Peeling to Foam Cleanser – new from Primera!

Primera Organience BR Soft Peeling to Foam Cleanser

Hey there, beautiful! We’ve got some exciting news for you. Primera, the skin barrier solution brand we all know and love, has just launched a fabulous new product: Organience BR Soft Peeling to Foam Cleanser. You’re going to want to hear all about it, so let’s dive in!

The Organience BR Soft Peeling to Foam Cleanser is a game-changer that combines peeling and cleansing in one simple step, making your skin a dream to apply makeup to. Building on the success of their best-selling Facial Mild Peeling, Primera has developed an innovative peeling gel formula that protects your skin’s barrier while gently removing unnecessary dead skin cells. How amazing is that?

Now, let’s talk about the magic ingredients. This peeling gel features a complex of Phyto Cellulose, Eoseongcho Powder, PHA, and BHA, all of which work together to gently roll on your skin, removing only the dead skin cells you don’t need. When you add water, the gel transforms into a luxurious foam that leaves your skin with a smooth texture after just one wash. Plus, Primera’s signature Phytobiotics ingredient bolsters your skin’s defense. What more could you ask for?

But wait, there’s more. This product has undergone rigorous human body application tests, and the results are incredible. After just one use, dead skin cells are reduced by about 31.3%, makeup adhesion increases by 36.7%, skin texture improves by around 36%, and skin transparency soars by a staggering 112%. It also tackles sebum (reduced by 89.5%), blackheads and whiteheads (reduced by 41.2%), and improves visible pore volume by 41.5%. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s even powerful enough to wash away ultra-fine dust and sunscreen!

Primera has also made sure this product is safe for all skin types, completing seven safety tests, including acne sensitive skin suitability, hypo-allergy, sensitive skin primary irritation, skin primary irritation, eye irritation alternative, sunscreen cleansing, and ultrafine dust cleansing tests. The Organience BR Soft Peeling to Foam Cleanser is SOAP FREE and excludes 10 ingredients like artificial fragrances, making it perfect for even the most sensitive skin.

Ready to get your hands on this must-have product? It’s first being released through the Naver Brand Store, and to celebrate, there’s a Naver Shopping Live event happening at 8:00 pm on the 25th. You’ll get a 10% discount coupon during the live broadcast, along with other amazing new products like Organience Barrier Repair Calming Essence Toner and Repairing Cera Capsule UV Protector as gifts. After that, you can find it at major online malls like Amoremall and, as well as Olive Young, Chicor, and Primera stores in department stores nationwide.

Don’t miss out on this K-beauty skincare revolution. Your skin will thank you!