FM Project & Amorepacific launch 2 new skincare products

2 new skin products from FM Project & Amorepacific

Are you tired of your skin feeling dry and irritated after a workout session? Say goodbye to parched skin, because Amorepacific and FM Project have partnered up to create two new skincare products that are about to change the game for gym lovers everywhere.

Not familiar with FM Project? It’s an innovative platform brand where the talented artist Kim Jong-kook collaborates with various companies to create products with a “fundamentalism” concept. And now, they’ve joined forces with Amorepacific, a renowned leader in skincare technology, to bring you the ultimate post-workout skincare duo: The Toner and The Cream.

We all know how important it is to take care of our skin, especially after hitting the gym. Amorepacific’s research found that both men and women aged 20 to 34 experienced more moisture loss during face washing after exercise than they did normally. This led to the development of these two skincare products containing HYDROION, a powerful ingredient designed to replenish moisture quickly and effectively.

The Toner and The Cream are packed with Amorepacific’s patented Green Ion Water and a blend of five types of Hyaluronic Acid to boost your skin’s moisturizing power. Plus, with the addition of Comint Leaf Extract, these products also help maintain the perfect oil-moisture balance and provide a soothing effect on your skin.

The results are nothing short of amazing! In tests on men aged 25 to 39 who exercise more than three times a week, the toner doubled moisture content and lowered skin temperature by 14% immediately after use. As for the cream, it increased moisture content by 2.4 times and improved the damaged skin barrier by an impressive 46%. When used together, these two products increased the moisture content by a whopping 8.2 times!

True to Kim Jong-guk’s philosophy of focusing on the essence, these products are not only highly effective but also convenient to use. The Toner has a non-alcoholic, water-based formula that feels refreshing and has a light, fresh scent. Meanwhile, The Cream provides ample hydration, has a soft texture, and absorbs quickly without any stickiness. With a generous 500ml of toner and 200ml of cream, these products are perfect for daily use, not just after exercise, but also for men’s skin irritated by shaving.

Eager to get your hands on these game-changing K-beauty skincare products? You can purchase The Toner and The Cream through PRIZM, and don’t miss the launch showcase live at 8:00 pm on the 27th, where you can learn more about these products and enjoy some fabulous benefits.

It’s time to give your skin the post-workout pampering it deserves with Amorepacific and FM Project’s latest skincare innovation!