Primera launches new Organience Barrier Repair Calming Essence Toner

Primera Launches Organience Barrier Repair Calming Essence Toner

Primera, a seed-tech-based skin barrier solution brand, has just released a new product that helps to solve pesky skin issues – the Organience Barrier Repair Calming Essence Toner.

But that’s not all. Primera will continue to introduce their ‘Organience Barrier Repair Line’ that provides a powerful barrier repair solution with the power of seeds. The secret to this line is the application of ‘SEED TECH’ technology that completes a healthy skin barrier. The synergy of ‘seed peptide’ and ‘phytobiotics’ extracted from pure high-content plant protein enables a healthy skin barrier to last for a long time beyond the temporary improvement of the damaged barrier.

So, let’s talk about the Organience Barrier Repair Calming Essence Toner. This toner has a barrier improvement effect of 65.8% and provides deep and fast barrier care of emulsion blending. It replenishes 38.2% of the amount of skin moisture that is lacking compared to before use, improves redness caused by external stimulation by 10.9%, and lowers the temperature of irritated skin by about 3.6 degrees Celsius. The best part is that it contains ‘Calming Active’, a complex of potassium licorice, madecassoside, and allantoin, which helps soothe the skin.

But wait, there’s more! The ‘Cera-Luronic Liposome’ technology was applied, which wraps active ingredients in liposome technology and delivers them deep into the skin. The two-layered blending formulation of soft emulsion and water toner is absorbed deeply into the skin to maintain the ideal oil-moisture balance for a long time, and provides a fresh finish that is moist like an essence but not sticky.

And if you’re wondering about the safety of this product, you can rest assured that 12 ingredients including artificial fragrances were excluded, and a total of 7 tests including dermatology test, primary skin irritation test, sensitive skin primary irritation test, eye irritation replacement test, hypo-allergy test, non-comedogenic test, and sensitive panel test were completed.

Overall, the Organience Barrier Repair Calming Essence Toner is a must-try for anyone dealing with recurring skin concerns. With its barrier improvement effect, deep and fast barrier care, and soothing properties, you’ll notice a difference in your skin in no time. So, go ahead and give it a try – your skin will thank you!