Kim Hee-ae is winning new fans in Queenmaker!

Kim Hee-ae in Queenmaker

I’ve you’ve been watching Queenmaker on Netflix this weekend (and if you haven’t been – start now!), you’ve probably become just as big a fan of Kim Hee-ae as we have. ┬áCast in the leading role as Hwang Do-hee, the ruthless public relations genius who keeps the corrupt Eunsung Group conglomerate on course, Kim is putting on what will surely be an award-winning performance!

But who is Kim Hee-ae?

She started her career as a model in the late 1980s and transitioned to acting in the early 1990s. She quickly made a name for herself in the Korean entertainment industry and has been a prominent figure in Korean cinema and television ever since.

Throughout her career, Kim Hee-ae has taken on a variety of roles that showcase her versatility and range as an actress. She’s played everything from a doctor in the medical drama “My Husband’s Woman” to a middle-aged housewife in the hit drama “A World of Married Couple.” Her performances have earned her numerous awards and accolades, cementing her status as one of Korea’s most respected actresses.

And now, with her starring role in Queenmaker, Kim Hee-ae is back in the spotlight once again. In the series, she plays Hwang Do-hee, a fixer for an extremely corrupt conglomerate that wants to gain control over Seoul’s political structures. But when Do-hee decides to turn the tables on her former employers and help a female human rights lawyer and political activist run for Mayor of Seoul, she finds herself in the middle of a high-stakes political battle.

Kim Hee-ae’s performance in Queenmaker has been praised by both critics and audiences alike. Her portrayal of Do-hee is nuanced and complex, showcasing the actress’s incredible range as an actress. Do-hee is a character who is at once ruthless and vulnerable, and Kim Hee-ae brings a depth and authenticity to the role that makes her performance truly unforgettable.

But Queenmaker isn’t just a showcase for Kim Hee-ae’s talents. The series is also notable for its strong female characters, including the human rights lawyer and political activist that Do-hee helps, played by actress Lee Joo-young. Queenmakeris a K-drama that puts women front and center, giving them prominent and fascinating roles that are all too rare in the male-dominated world of Korean entertainment.

And that’s why Queenmaker is such an important series. It’s a reminder that women can be just as complex, powerful, and compelling as any male character in a K-drama. It’s a testament to the talents of actresses like Kim Hee-ae, who have spent decades honing their craft and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for women in Korean entertainment.

In conclusion, Kim Hee-ae is a force to be reckoned with in the world of Korean entertainment, and her performance in Queenmaker is a testament to her talents as an actress. With its strong female characters and powerful message, Queenmakeris a K-drama that’s not to be missed. So go ahead and add it to your Netflix queue – you won’t regret it!