Unique Wedding Dresses

Many girls hate the idea of a traditional wedding and a traditional all white gown. They are always on the lookout for new ideas for a unique and interesting wedding dress to surprise friends and other guests on the most important day of their lives. If you have a desire to look different at your wedding, you must have a daring attitude. This is because unique wedding dresses are made from same fabrics by designers but they have different cuts and patterns from normal; wedding dresses. Any dress that breaks a tradition or two in terms of neck, sleeves, laces, cuts, and shape qualifies under unique wedding dresses.


Simple Wedding Dresses

There are many girls who find it odd and waste of money to wear all those elaborate and traditional wedding gowns in their marriages. For such girls, designers have come up with bridal gowns that are less complicated and hence less expensive also. These dresses are also perfect for wedding events of a modest nature where arrangements are simple and not too many guests have been invited. These wedding dresses, though they make use of inexpensive clothes and accessories look elegant and also make the bride look beautiful without asking her to break the bank. These dresses are available in all shapes, sizes, and colours.


Vera Wang Wedding Dresses

Vera Wang is a name to reckon with in the world of bridal wear. She is a respectable designer who is known for her elegant and sophisticated bridal gowns that are worn by celebrities and other prominent personalities. In her long and illustrious career spanning several decades, Vera Wang designs over the years have become classic and iconic and girls wait for her latest collection of bridal wear to choose one to wear on their marriage. Vera Wang white wedding dresses are very alluring and worn by brides with pride and enthusiasm all over the world. For those who cannot afford, there are available used Vera Wang bridal dresses.


Tea Length Wedding Dresses

There are many girls who are fond of tea length dresses. These dresses have nothing to do with specific length though most of them are short length. They are so called because women chose them to wear to the tea table in the early part of the 20th century. It is the hem of the dress that hangs around the mid calf. Another notable feature of tea length wedding dresses is that they are A line in most instances. There can be any style of necks with these dresses and there is no restriction on sleeves too. It can be sleeveless or have a three quarter sleeve.


Strapless Wedding Dresses

Strapless wedding dresses are seen in the collection of every designer an d they are also worn by celebrities commonly. Girls who have a slim figure and feel they can carry off such a wedding dress confidently wear these bridal gowns to look beautiful; and glamorous during their marriage ceremonies. As their name suggests, there are no straps to hold on to the dress, especially around the breasts. There is no support from the shoulders and the support to hold the dress in place comes from the waist. Make sure that you have tried the dress so that you do not face the embarrassment of having it slipping down during the wedding event.


Summer Wedding Dresses

Summer wedding dresses are obviously different from the dresses that are worn by the people during winter weddings. The weather is warm and sunny and people get a chance to wear lightweight clothes. This is the time when brides go in for sheath wedding dresses and strapless bridal dresses. The fabrics used in making bridal dresses for summer weddings are light and breathable. It is common to see brides showing off a bit of their skin in their bridal dress. Beach and destination weddings become very common during summer season and the bridal dresses reflect this fact. White becomes the dominant colour of bridal gowns in this season.


Spring Wedding Guest Dresses

It is easy to feel confused when attending the marriage ceremony of a friend, especially during spring and summer season. It is this ‘what to wear’ moment that creates a lot of stress in your mind. This is the time of the year when the weather is warm and you can try out lightweight and colourful clothing items. As a guest, you can afford to be a bit casual and wear your floral print knee length dresses to the wedding party of your friend. These dresses are also very comfortable to carry and they keep you happy and cheerful during the event.

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London Best Events For 2016 Start

Festivals of light are common in different parts of the world. If Diwali in India takes the cake as the grandest festival of light across the world, such festivals in France, Japan, Thailand, Israel, Germany, China, and some other countries are no less stunning and mesmerizing. It is in this connection that Lumiere, London’s very first festival of lights, needs to be seen and appreciated. London is one of the few metropolitan cities of other world that are renowned for some grand cultural events. Events in London are so many and have so many hues that it is difficult to mention all of them in a single article. These events include not just cultural festivals and parades but also dance and music festivals and also sports events of national and international flavors. And yes, how can one forget the art and comedy shows that continue to take place regularly all through the year.

Most popular events taking place in London


Tips on Choosing the Right Prom Dress

The need to wear the perfect prom dress for the biggest event of a high school student’s life is here again and the topic of what dress is hot and what is not fills most conversations as of now. It may be a fact that dress styles and designs change every year, but as long as you are wearing a unique prom dress that perfectly suits your body, then incorporating the latest trend on your dress may not be that important at all.

Prom Dress2

There are several factors that you should consider when it comes to selecting the right prom dress. They include your body type, hair color and skin tone against the color and style of your gown.


Petite and Athletic Women

If you think you have a small-frame body or a muscular body type, you may want to opt for a prom dress with spaghetti straps or a strapless gown. A fitting strapless dress, in particular, flatters small- to medium-sized busts, while revealing your neck and shoulders.
Athletic Women prom dress2


Winter Wedding Dresses

Winter is considered off season as far as wedding is concerned. But there is no dearth of winter wedding dresses in the market because of the penchant of some couples to marry during this time of the year. Cold weather does not mean you need to sacrifice style and fashion as designers come up with new and exciting bridal wear for girls that ensure enough warmth with clever selection of heavy fabrics. You can also wear thermals inside the wedding dress to make sure you do not shiver because of cold if your wedding is taking place in an open space like a garden.


White Wedding Dresses

Though religion and tradition dictates the choice of colour of the bridal dress, all white bridal gown is perhaps the most popular among the brides and the designers in the western world. Credit to this craze and popularity of white bridal dresses goes in part to Queen Victoria who chose to wear an all white bridal gown during her wedding ceremony in the late 19th century. White wedding dresses remain very popular even today among Christian girls all over the world though some girls have started to wear bridal dresses in other colours also. Brides in other cultures also wear white dresses these days.


Western Wedding Dresses

The wedding dresses worn by celebrities and other girls during their wedding ceremonies in the western world are sol elegant and charming that girls tying nuptial knot in near future desire to wear them in their marriage ceremonies. The major difference between western bridal dresses and the dresses worn in other cultures pertain to the shape and the fact that western dress is one piece whereas bridal dress comes in two pieces in other countries. Western wedding dresses are mainly white and the emphasis of the designers remains on frills, laces, and cuts rather than on jewels and stones that are used in other cultures for embellishment of the dress.


Wedding Reception Dresses

Reception is a big event after the marriage where bride has to get ready to receive lots of friends and relatives once again. Though reception is less formal than marriage, the attire of the bride has got to be nothing g less than magnificent to look appropriate according to the event. A bride has to wear attire that is glamorous and formal to catch the attention of all the invited guests. Similarly, all guests coming to attend the reception party need to wear high quality clothes that also look expensive. One thing to remember is to wear clothes that are not casual at all.


Wedding Guest Dresses

All eyes are on the bride and groom on the day of their wedding. Their attire is a talking point among the guests. But this does not mean that guests face no dilemmas when selecting the dress they are going to wear during the ceremony. You do not want to walk into the wedding event of a friend or relative inappropriately dressed to become a laughing stock among the rest of the guests, do you? This is primarily the reason why most of the invited guests take a look at their attires to check if they are good enough to be worn during the wedding.